Exploring Montserrat: A Day of Scenic Rides, Hiking, and Monastery Visits

Introduction: A Day of Adventure in Montserrat

Embark on a day’s journey to Montserrat, where breathtaking mountain vistas, invigorating hikes, and the renowned monastery await your exploration. Join us as we share our itinerary, experiences, and a mix of delightful surprises and unexpected challenges encountered along the way!


Opt for a Motorcycle: Your Key to More Exploration!

Consider renting a motorcycle for the weekend from platforms like Riderly or Record Rent a Car. With prices ranging between 30-50 € per day, it’s a worthwhile investment, especially if you aim to explore multiple sites in a single day. Motorcycles offer the flexibility to visit lesser-known spots, away from the crowds that typically flock to main attractions via train or tour bus. For more activities around Barcelona, check out our previous post!

Journeying from Barcelona to Montserrat: Which Route to Take?

We experienced both the highway and smaller roads during our trip. Our advice? Opt for the highway to reach your destination swiftly (approximately 40min – 1h). The return journey, though longer (1h30 – 1h50), unveils charming villages and scenic roads when taking the smaller route.

Morning Visit to the Monastery with a Vehicle? Think Again

Upon reaching the city below the monastery, various transport options like cable cars and funiculars are available. However, our choice to drive up led us to a congested parking area by 10:30/11:00 am. A word to the wise: aim for an afternoon visit when the crowds thin out, or arrive exceptionally early to avoid parking chaos.

What Awaits You at the Monastery

The monastery city offers a blend of dining options, a captivating museum, a basilica, and more, all set against a stunning landscape. However, be prepared for tourist crowds and slightly elevated prices. More detailed information about the monastery can be found here. 

Traversing Through Montserrat: The BP-1103 Road

If you have a vehicle, the BP-1103 road is a must-explore. It takes you through the other side of the mountains, revealing secluded spots and serene vistas. Note that amenities are scarce along this route, so pack some snacks! Scenic viewpoints are dotted along the road for impromptu stops and picnics.

Roca Foradada: A Hike to Remember

Roca Foradada, known for its unique rock formations and thrilling base-jumping adventures, is a must-visit. The hike, starting from the parking at Can Maçana, is relatively easy for the first 30 minutes, with the final 10 minutes presenting a steeper challenge. The reward? A spectacular view of Montserrat with minimal tourist traffic.

In Conclusion: Montserrat, A Blend of Tranquility and Adventure

Montserrat Park, while a magnet for tourists, especially for its monastery, is undeniably a destination we wholeheartedly recommend. From exploring enchanting, isolated mountain cities to embarking on serene hikes away from the crowds, Montserrat promises a day of splendid adventures and peaceful retreats.



We hope you found joy in our journey, and should you have any questions or comments, we welcome them warmly!

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